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Saturday, July 11, 2009

Entry 9: ♥ Custom Bows

Hi there, DivaDollhouse shoppers! We did not update last week as we were busy sorting out some custom materials which we really look forward to share with you dolls this week!

We ♥ bows
and we can't get enough of them, so here are just a few of our hand-made picks ~ more to come soon!

french bow

white lace + cream

bow in blue

bow in cream

black lace + cream

STATUS : Custom-made to order
SIZE : Varies from 3" - 5"
DETAILS : carefully selected quality lace and ribbon

You can request to have your bow to come with:
#1 : pin attached
#2 : hair-tie attached
#3 : matching ribbon waist sash attached (tie sash)
#4 : matching ribbon wrist/neck sash attached (Velcro)

PRICE : RM10 for all designs
Additional RM5 for sash attached

REMARKS : Gather one end of your boring sleeveless top by pinning it down with our pretty bow, or simply wear it around your waist or wrist and you're all ready to go! It works great as a hair tie and you can also pin it on a plain hairband. (: Have fun getting creative with our pretty bows and your wardrobe!